Sustainable Urbanisation

Governments around the world are increasingly concerned with the sustainable provision of food, water and energy security to urban populations. Demographic and social tensions, environmental risks and public health concerns require a more harmonious relationship between rural and urban development.  There is however a general lack of coordination and cooperation on this agenda. The ISU is therefore working with stakeholders to improve international knowledge exchange and leadership, in key global meetings such as the World Urban Forum, and Global Expo (2015) and UNHabitat III. The ISU is also helping to promote economic understanding and city leadership through research institutions and governments, and is working to bring the private and public sector together to advance new funding models for infrastructure.

A report, published by the ISU in April 2015, clarifies the ‘city region food system’ concept and analyses the proposed benefits of pursuing a city regional approach to food policy and planning.  To read this report, please click here.